Friday, April 15, 2016

Sweet Success Celebrates Catherine Dilts & The Chemistry of Heroes

By: Kathie Scrimgeour

Catherine Dilts is pleased to announce the publication of her short story, “The Chemistry of Heroes,” (March 28, 2016, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, available at Barnes & Noble. Subscriptions for hardcopy or electronic versions:

This is the second tale starring Charles, an African American chemist at a small manufacturing company. He is accompanied once again by his college intern sidekick Tony. The story made the cover of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, which, to short fiction authors, is comparable to a musician making the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

The Marshall Gasket Company renovation hits a snag when a body is discovered under a newly poured concrete floor. The factory is plagued with thefts of supplies used in meth labs, while animal rights activists protest an art gallery display of taxidermy. Chemistry holds the solution when Dr. Charles Jerome Harrison and his young assistant Tony Gilbert once again become entangled in a murder case.

The May issue went on sale March 28, 2016 and should be available through April. Every story promises to be a treat in the annual humor issue, which also features Colorado author R. T. Lawton, and Derringer Award winning Robert Lopresti.

To learn more about Catherine, and her novels and short stories, check out her website at

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