Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The 2014 Zebulon Contest Opens

By Robert Wyckoff

The Zebulon is Coming

Do you hear it? That majestic word, cascading from the Rocky Mountains in trisyllabic majesty? Zebulon. Like biting winds. Like driving snow. Like winter. The Zebulon is coming. 

Writers: are you ready? 

Pikes Peak Writers is pleased to announce the Zebulon Fiction Writing Contest has returned—bigger, better, and with more Game of Thrones references than before. When? What? Why? Read on, word warriors.


The Zebulon opens for entries September 15th. Contest will close November 2nd at noon (MST). But don’t procrastinate! Procrastination has been scientifically proven* to increase your chances of being attacked by face-eating dragons. That, and we’ll only accept the first 400 entries we receive.


The Zebulon Contest simulates the real process of acquiring a literary agent. Thus, it consists of three parts: a query letter, a synopsis, and the first 2,500 words of your manuscript. Does your novel have to be complete? Nah. Just make sure what you do send us is awesome.

There are six categories you can choose from:

· Middle Grade / Young Adult
· Mainstream / Literary / Historical 
· Romance / Women's Fiction
· Mystery / Suspense / Thriller
· Science Fiction / Fantasy
· Urban Fantasy / Horror / Paranormal

Learn from Eddard Stark’s mistakes, and stay ahead of the competition by checking out the contest details here: http://www.pikespeakwriters.com/contest/


Oh, sure, the six winners of each category receive free entry into the 2015 Pikes Peak Writing Conference. And yeah, the runners-up receive cash prizes. But that’s just the tip of the proverbial, too-cliche-to-be-used-by-a-good-writer iceberg. Winners and runners-up will also enjoy first pick of pitch appointments at the conference, prestige, an addition to their writerly resume, and a shiny certificate.

And if you don’t win?

You’ll still learn a great deal about the process of acquiring an agent.

You’ll be motivated to hone your manuscript, query, and synopsis to sword-edge sharpness. A great thing to do in preparation for the big conference.

You will have tried. Sometimes—especially in the competitive world of writing and publishing—the trying is more important than the winning.

Get out there. Take a chance.

Do the dragon dance.
* Not actually scientifically proven. Err…proved? I dunno.

About the Author:  Writer. Game designer. Cubicle monkey. Robert Vincent's hardly started on his writing career, but has already won honorable mention in The Writers of the Future Contest and has won the PPW Zebulon Contest. He attributes his lack of publication credits to poor bio-writing skills. Robert's currently working on his epic fantasy novel, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his beloved Companion Cube. Find him at http://robertvincentfiction.com/

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