Monday, May 6, 2013

May Letter From the Editor - Transitions

Ah, May, a turning point for several reasons. The weather begins switching from winter to summer, flowers bloom, and trees blossom. For parents, May means end of school year craziness, and a transition to summer vacation.

For Pikes Peak Writers, May is when we review the conference that has just occurred, and begin preparations for the following year's conference. It's important to us that we outdo ourselves each passing year, and that takes a full year's work.

We've had many transitions in Pikes Peak Writers this year, with changes within the organization and positions changing hands. We've got one more transition occurring. The Pikes Peak Writers Conference is passing out of the hands of the accomplished Bonnie Hagan, and into the capable hands of Mary Karen Meredith. This was announced on the final day of PPWC 2013, and we look forward to seeing what Mary Karen brings us with PPWC 2014.

Also announced at PPWC 2013 were the Volunteers of the Year for PPW. Two wonderful ladies shared the honor of PPW Conference Volunteer of the Year: MB Partlow and Jen LaPointe, both of whom deserved it for all of their hard work on conference. MB brought in fantastic faculty, and has already landed two exciting keynotes for next year (watch for announcements soon--if you attended Sunday lunch at conference, you already know!). Jen worked hard behind the scenes, keeping everything straight and making sure no detail, no matter how small, was missed. PPW Volunteer of the Year went to yours truly, for my work on the blog and the non-conference events directorship. I was delighted to win (and horrified, because it meant going up on stage), and hope to justify the honor over the course of the coming year.

We had another winner at conference. Mardra Sikora won our on-site flash fiction contest with her piece "Malleable," which we're honored to post here.


Truth changes like clay in the hands of its master. In childhood, I witnessed my grandfather’s truth about skin color, faith and fear. I waded through my mother’s denial and each truth it bore. Pluto was a planet and the brontosaurus my favorite dinosaur.

I guarded my own truths; held them secretly beneath shallow breaths, until even I no longer recognized them. What was once moldable now burned as lava deep within me. I tried to quench the fires with cold hands and cold eyes, but the smoldering under my skin continued.

The day the eruption came, truth streamed from me. With only a backpack, I stole away from you. I am bruised by your love. In my…escape, I hold the mirror to look for the self I have hidden.

I cautiously recognize adversity finally led me to my own truth. And I will mold a new future from it.

About Mardra: Mardra traveled through ice, snow, and adversity to reach the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, and is a better, stronger writer for having made the trip. She resides in Omaha, NE, and can be found musing both fiction and non-fiction on

Congratulations, Mardra!

And to our readers, we wish you a fabulous May!

~Shannon Lawrence
Managing Editor, Writing From the Peak
PPW Director of Non-Conference Events

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