Monday, January 7, 2013

Letter From the Editor - New Beginnings

Despite dire warnings to the contrary, we have now officially entered 2013.  Happy New Year to everyone!

The closing out of an old year, and the ringing in of a new one, is a time people tend to think about their goals and accomplishments.  For us writers, this inevitably leads us to analyze where we are in our writing paths.  Did we reach any of our goals this year?  Get published enough?  Get published at all?  Find the time to write?  Submit?  Plot?

Whether you make resolutions or not, January is still a perfect time to reevaluate where you are, and where you'd like to be by this time next year.

Don't stop there, though.  Consider longer-term goals, as well, and this will help you to hone down the short-term goals to get you where you need to be.  What do you see for yourself in ten years?  Five?  What can you do this year that will help you to achieve those long-term goals?  Is what you're already doing moving you toward your ultimate goal?  Why not?

This month, you'll find advice on goal setting, as well as how to achieve those goals.  But that isn't all we're talking about here.  You'll read about writing from the heart (or not), online privacy, editing, and more.  The wonderful columnists here at Writing From the Peak have insured that this month will be one that will bring you into 2013 prepared for a productive and successful year.

We here at Writing From the Peak and Pikes Peak Writers wish you an amazing year, a year that you achieve your dreams.

Shannon Lawrence
Managing Editor


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