Friday, October 19, 2012

Sweet Success! Carol Caverly

Carol Caverly's adult mystery novel, Frog Skin and Mutton Fat, Book #2 in the Thea Barlow Wyoming Mystery Series (ASIN: B008WDB5MO, ebook, 214 pages), was released in August 2012 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. The book is available at The author's website is at The first book, All the Old Lions, is also available on Amazon, and the third book, Dead in Hog Heaven, will be available soon.

Intrepid editor Thea Barlow returns to Wyoming to vacation with her old flame and interview Kid Corcoran, last of the old-time bandits. Corcoran, recently released from prison, has returned to his boyhood home, supposedly to end his days in peace. Thea takes a cautious liking to the Kid and tries to defend him from the hostility of the towns people who are convinced he's planning to retrieve a stash of jade stolen from the area's mines and local residents. Then a body turns up in Thea's room, whirling her into a maelstrom of greed, murder and revenge.

Carol Caverly, raised in a Chicago suburb, married into a pioneer ranch family in Wyoming and spent close to thirty years there raising a family. She found the state a wild and wondrous place and grew to love the people, places, history and wild landscapes that surrounded her. She hopes that love shines through her books. She calls them light mysteries (some might term them cozies). They're fast-paced with a touch of romance, a touch of humor and something you might not know about Wyoming.

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  1. Love the title, Frog Skin and Mutton Fat! all the titles.

    I will have to pick up a copy. Love mysteries!

    1. Thanks, Yolanda! I had fun with the titles. My editor wasn't sure about this one, but I finally won her over. I'm glad you like mysteries. I do,too.

  2. Congratulations, Carol! Where did you get your title?

    1. Thanks for your interest, Debbie! Both frog skin and mutton fat are descriptions of either a type of jade (frog skin is a junk jade with bad color),or a color of jade (mutton fat is a creamy white jade.) Jem quality jade, which can be found in Wyoming, is a large part in the plot of the story, so I thought it would be a fun title.


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