Monday, May 14, 2012


Change is a good thing, right? So let me tell you about a few changes we're making to Writing from the Peak.

First, thanks to a suggestion from Stacy S. Jensen, we’re experimenting with an Email Subscription button to make it easier for you to see the articles we post. Just enter your email address, follow the instructions to confirm your subscription, and posts will be sent directly to your inbox.

However – you must still go to the blog and/or PPW web site to see information on upcoming events and regular activities. Those listings don’t get emailed.

Blogger assures that your email addy won’t be shared or sold, so if you have any problems with the email option, please let me know at once. And let me know, too, if you like having this option.

Second, there is now one link to the MP3 downloads page at the PPW web site. We’ll announce when a new download becomes available, but keep checking back periodically in case you miss the announcement.

Third, we’ve done a little rearranging of the items in the right-hand column to (hopefully) make navigation a little easier. Just take a look.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Let us know what’s working as well as what isn’t. This is your blog, too!

Robin Widmar
Managing Editor, Writing from the Peak


  1. May I also suggest seeing if you can set up automatic posting to Twitter/Facebook?


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