Thursday, November 10, 2011

Column: Jealous Much? by Becky Clark

I know a lot of writers. Some are friends, some just acquaintances, some via six degrees of separation. Professionals, amateurs; some are talented, some are not, some are still learning their craft. Some sell a gazillion books, some are pre-published. Some write fiction, some non-fiction; short works and epic tomes. Men, women, old, young, funny, scholarly, entertaining, deadly boring …. well, you get the idea.
I must make a confession. (I’d call it a public confession, but who am I kidding. Both of you reading this do not a ‘public’ make.)
For a split second — sometimes longer — when I hear of the successes of my writer peeps, I’m jealous of 99.3% of them. (The rest I simply don’t like so I don’t care about their news. Don’t judge me.)
This ugliness doesn’t last too long before I shoot them … a note — c’mon, I’m not a monster! — congratulating them on their achievement. But I can’t deny the ugliness was there, however briefly.
Recently I stared my green-eyed monster square in its slack-jawed face and tried to figure out why my emotional knee jerks in such a manner. I came up with some reasons.
1. Guilt. I’m not working as hard as I should to finish the manuscript/market/step out of my comfort zone/get better at my craft/blah, blah, blah. And they are. And hard work wins out every single time. And I’m a lazy slacker doo-doo head.
2. The unshakable belief that I’m a better writer than they are and yet — poor, pitiful me — nobody quite sees my incredible talent.
3. Or, equally appalling, the humbling idea that I’ll never be as good as they are and giving up is my only possible option.
4. I’m a terrible, terrible person.
No, I don’t really think I’m terrible. I guess I’m just human. But I do have moments of lazy slacker doo-doo head-ness. After all, I wouldn’t want anyone to be jealous of me.
What about you? Do you have pangs of jealousy? Have you figured out why?
(Originally posted November 4, 2011 at Becky’s blog, I’m Just Sayin)

About the Writer:  Becky Clark is a popular blogger, entrepreneur, speaker, and author of wildly divergent books — for example, An UnCivil War – The Boys Who Were Left Behind (middle-grade historical fiction); Reading Maniac — Fun Ways To Encourage Reading Success (a guide for parents of reluctant readers); and The Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbook. Her BeckyLand blog can be found at http:/ and her healthy living website/blog is She is a highly functioning chocoholic.


  1. I suffer from numbers one and three. LOL

  2. Judge you?! You are envious not jealous. Sorry. You are not bad...just...human. Actually you are awesome, and you are simply doing so many things that fitting in one more thing... Karen Lin

  3. As much as it pains me to say, Becky, you're not evil...just normal. :-] We all want fruits from our efforts, and writing is meant to be read. Nothing wrong with that. And just because you're not getting as published as you want, does NOT mean your (nor anyone else's) writing is not worthy. From what I've seen of your blogs, you're an incredible, witty, writer ('scuse my hairball attack, it's nothing, really...). I applaud you for your brutal honesty not only with us...but yourself.


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