Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October Write Brain 10/11/11: Writing the Dreaded Synopsis with Hilari Bell

Writing a synopsis is probably the most hated and feared task a writer tackles, but we all have to do it.  This workshop will detail a synopsis structure that tells you what you must put in, what you’ll have to leave out--and how to create a synopsis that can bring your story to life for the agent or editor who reads it.

Call for volunteers! 

The best way to learn a technique is by using it. I’d like to choose a handful of synopses for the group to rewrite during this workshop.  Would anyone be willing to submit their synopsis for public brainstorming?  It might be a bit unnerving, but on the other hand you might also end up with a synopsis that you don’t have to write yourself! 

Send your volunteer synopses to: hilaribell@aol.com.

* Depending on how many synopses I get and how long the brainstorming takes, there will probably be synopses we don’t get around to revising -- and if yours is one of them I apologize in advance.  -- Hilari

Hilari Bell has been called the poster child for persistence.  The first novel she sold was the fifth she'd written, and when it sold she was working on novel fourteen. She now has eighteen conventionally published novels with another under contract, and is now branching into e-publishing her backlist novels and her writing tips.

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