Monday, December 5, 2016

December Letter from the Editor

It’s December, 2016. Honestly, wasn't it just a few moments ago that I sat at my desk to write the Letter from the Editor for 2015? 

No, I checked. Sure enough, it's 2016, a year that has been fraught with changes. Many are fearful, some are hopeful, and truth be told, I'm hovering on the ledge of uncertainty. The point is, I refuse to stay there. Why? Because I believe in the indefatigability of the human spirit. And I still have one of the most glorious escapes imaginable. I am a storyteller.

What’s more, as a storyteller, I still have an anchor. What a glorious time to be a writer and to belong to Pikes Peak Writers. What a glorious time to stop looking backwards and to get excited about the future. After all, 2017 marks Pikes Peak Writers 25th annual conference and our Silver Jubilee Celebration. Go here

Writing from the Peak will be here as well to give you updates about Conference and to continue offering helpful and insightful articles from our members. Our mission is to focus on Pikes Peak Writers, on writing, and to help you become a better one. Later this month, on December 20th, we hope you’ll join us for our monthly Write Brain, Log Lines and Holiday Hang Out. Go here It’s going to be fun, and we want you there!

As always, we have great blogs in store for you this month and beyond. Be sure to check in. And isn’t it great how opportune quotes pop up in my inbox just when I need them? I leave you with one of them now—this one from John F. Kennedy. "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

Wishing you a wonderful December and joyous holiday.

About the Editor:  Donnell Ann Bell is the managing editor for Writing from the Peak, the coordinator for the monthly Open Critique held on the first Wednesday of every month, and one of Pikes Peak Writer's board members at largeShe is a best selling romantic suspense and mystery author. To learn more about her books, find her at


  1. I always love your Letter from the Editor! Loads of great information, enthusiasm and encouragement for us crazy writers. Thank you, Donnell.


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