Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's the Point?

By Jennifer Lovett Herbranson

Before you write that tweet.  

Before you post that picture.
Before you pin that graphic.

Ask yourself: what’s the point?

Are you a publishing author trying to build an author brand or platform? Then you need to understand the point of every single thing you post online.

Why? Because you are trying to build a readership, and random posts don’t tell readers what they need to do with your post. If you don’t even know why you posted it, then a potential reader doesn’t either.

So, I’m going to tell you why you are posting:
1- To inform

2- To explain

3- To influence

When you inform a reader, you tell them new news so they can participate.
1- Inform them about upcoming events

2- Inform them about book releases

3- Inform them about give-aways, contests, games, and other ways to interact and win

When you explain to a reader, you explain concepts so they understand more about you and your books.
1- Explain to them who your main character is and what makes him/her tick

2- Explain to them why you like kittens or antiquing

3- Explain to them why you write on the particular topic you write about

When you influence a reader, you engage to excite them about you and your books.
1- Influence them to like, comment, or share your information

2- Influence them to read your books and tell their friends to read your books

3- Influence them to get to know you

Does that mean you can’t post cats? Of course not. Post all the cats you like but make sure the reader knows why you are posting cats. Not just because you like them. Tell them why you like them, and make sure you understand how that helps the reader get to know you.

Next month, we’ll talk privacy in social media.

About the Author: Jennifer Lovett Herbranson has marketed books, shows, concerts and more for more than 15 years. She is a huge fan of Twitter, and passionate about helping authors understand marketing. Find more about Jenny at

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